dcsimg Desmocomp®

Looking up at the sun - with the right UV protection

Desmocomp® - Polyurethane matrix for composites with excellent UV and chemical stability and weatherability.

To fully exhaust the properties and advantages of fiber-reinforced plastics, the fiber needs to be combined with the best possible matrix. Polyurethanes are becoming more and more important in this area, due to their excellent mechanical properties.

Desmocomp® is a brand new development from Covestro. This duroplastic matrix material for fiber-reinforced plastics, based on aliphatic polyisocyanates, is characterized by its excellent inherent UV stability and weatherability.

The unique properties of Desmocomp® give the fibers extraordinary protection against weathering processes, so there is no need for supplementary surface protection measures. Coatings, UV absorbers and UV-stable mats or foils are no longer required.

Further advantages of fiber composite materials based on Desmocomp® resins include excellent anti-graffiti properties and special flame retardant properties. This further extends the areas of application for fiber-reinforced plastics.

Simple and for polyurethanes unusual processing options, characterized by a long pot life and rapid curing, complete the unique profile of Desmocomp®.

Desmocomp® is the perfect supplement to the current range of PU-based matrix materials for composites supplied by Covestro.

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