Automotive OEM Metal

Layers of functionality and performance

PU automotive OEM coatings deliver aesthetics and performance

Cars not only help us get around town, they can also be an expression of our personal style and preferences. We expect them to look good for many years despite exposure to all types of intense weather, salt, sand, gravel and bristly car washes.

OEM metal
Automotive OEM Metal coatings

OEM metal coatings play an important role in determining the style and appearance of automobiles. That special look is created through the use of several different paint layers that provide protection against extreme environmental challenges.

Polyurethane (PU) metal coatings are ideal for automotive OEM paint applications because they uniquely combine appearance and protection:




  • Wet look with excellent weather resistance and light stability
  • Protection against car washes, minor scratches and stone chipping
  • Resistance to environmental pollutants, cleaners, polishes and bird excrement

Covestro offers a broad portfolio of polyurethane raw materials for several automotive OEM coating layers:

  • Primer
  • Primer surfacer
  • Basecoat
  • Topcoat and clear coat
  • Sound deadening
  • Under body protection

Our products include PU materials for the formulation of conventional solvent-based and newer water-based OEM metal coating systems.

We also have innovative materials for OEM metal paints that "repair" small scratches when warmed in the sun and that are designed for use in shorter, more compact coating processes that save energy and reduce emissions.

Polyurethanes and polyisocyanates from Covestro are also found in tough, durable OEM truck bed liners and eletrocoats for rust protection.

Our polyurethane resins for metal coatings offer automotive OEMs layers upon layers of functionality and performance.

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