Automotive OEM Metal Compact Processes Modified Basecoat

Innovation in action

Compact processes for high-quality automotive modified basecoats

When we buy a new car, we want it all – high quality at a reasonable price and the knowledge that it was manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. Automotive coating producers have developed innovative compact processes that save money and emit less CO2 while achieving high quality and performance expectations.

automotive modified basecoat
Innovative compact process with modified basecoat

Conventional automotive coating systems consist of up to six layers – the initial pretreatment and e-coat, the primer (for highly sensitive parts), the primer surfacer, and the basecoat and clearcoat.

To improve efficiency, coating manufacturers have worked closely with the automotive industry and paint application equipment suppliers to develop new automotive compact processes that reduce the number of steps and paint booths and, in some cases, the number of coating layers.

These new processes include the application of coating layers one on top of the other without intermediate baking steps, thus eliminating the need for separate paint booths, reducing the amount of energy consumed and lowering the carbon footprint.

New automotive modified basecoats have also been developed that have the properties of the basecoat as well as the primer and primer surfacer, which eliminates the need for separate coating layers and reduces raw material usage.

The overall result of these compact processes is improved productivity, lower costs, and a reduced environmental impact.

Covestro offers high solidssolvent-based and waterborne one- (1K) and two- (2K) component polyurethane products that are suitable for use in these compact processes and help car manufacturers ensure that their paint systems will perform to the highest expectations.

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