Automotive OEM Metal E-Coat ECD

Corrosion protection, high-quality finish

Polyurethane raw materials for automotive e-coats

Cars manufactured today don’t suffer rust damage like automobiles produced just a few decades ago. Electrocoating is the reason. The e-coat process is rapid, cost effective and provides a uniform protective coating – even on complex shapes. Polyurethane technology from Covestro helps make electrocoats high-performance properties possible.

e-coat systems enhance corrosion protection

Most car bodies manufactured today come with an electrophoretic coating (e-coat) layer underneath the primer that provides excellent corrosion protection.

In the automotive e-coat process (electrodeposition), the car body is negatively charged and the paint solids (polymer, extenders and pigments) are positively charged due to application of a direct current. The paint solids are attracted to the car body and are deposited until the coating electrically insulates the body.


The car body is first cleaned and pretreated. The e-coat is then deposited, and excess paint solids are rinsed away and recycled. The paint film is then cured in an oven. 

Electrocoating is attractive for the corrosion protection of car bodies for several reasons:

  • High-purity coatings with uniform thickness are rapidly created, even for complex shapes
  • Highly resource efficient with reduced costs
  • Environmentally friendly water-based process

Products from Covestro enhance the corrosion protection of e-coats.

  • Desmodur® BL polymeric blocked isocyanates can be used as crosslinkers
  • Blocked Mondur® M, Desmodur® 44  methylene diphenyl diisocyanates (MDI) are effective hardeners
  • Aliphatic Desmodur® monomers also provide better compatibility and flexibility for the epoxy e-coats.
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