PU automotive base coats – brilliant colors, stone chip resistance

Our cars are important to us, and we spend significant time searching for just the right model and color combination. Once we find what we’re looking for, we want to be sure those brilliant colors and special sparkle, shimmer and other effects created with automotive paint finishes will be long-lasting.

metal basecoat
Polyurethane metal basecoat

Automotive base coats are applied on top of the primer surfacer layer. These OEM metal base coats not only provide another layer of protection for the car body, they also contain the pigments and particles that impart color and special effects, such as the wet-look, sparkles and metallic finishes.

For high performance, it is critical that the resins (binders) used in automotive basecoats interact appropriately with the pigments (good pigment wetting) and adhere well. Automotive basecoats must also resist any color fading (have excellent lightfastness) for the lifetime of the car.

Most OEM metal base coats consist of a combination of polyurethane and polyacrylate binders to achieve the desired performance properties. Polyurethanes are a critical component, because they help improve the brilliance, adhesion, flow, elasticity and stone chip resistance of OEM basecoats.

Covestro offers Bayhydrol® waterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) for the formulation of automotive basecoats with low solvent content and excellent stone chip protection.

Formulators can count on Covestro’s water-based PUDs for:

  • Good pigment wetting and compatibility,
  • Good adhesion,
  • Good flow and leveling,
  • Good elasticity for stone chip protection

Polyurethane metal basecoats make brilliant, long-lasting finishes possible.

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