Automotive OEM Metal Primer Surfacer

Not a chip off the old block

Ideal stone chip protection with polyurethane OEM primer surfacers

Automotive finishes have a tough job. They must protect our cars and maintain their appearance despite continuous exposure to the weather and high-speed bits of stone and gravel. Polyurethane primer surfacers have the ideal combination of elasticity and hardness for superior stone chip protection for a long-lasting, high quality appearance.

metal primer surfacer
PU-based primer surfacer

The many layers of thin OEM coatings on automobiles work in combination to provide long-lasting protection and an attractive finish. The primer surfacer layer (or OEM primer filler) is a critical part of this finish system.

Automotive OEM primer surfacers are applied on top of the protective electrocoat (or primer for ultra-sensitive portions of the car body) and serve to protect the underlying coating. They also play a key role in determining the appearance of automotive finishes.

To be most effective, the OEM primer surfacer must be elastic in order to prevent damage due to impacts from stone chips and gravel and hard enough to allow for sanding, which is necessary for application of the next layer (the basecoat).
Polyurethane-based primer surfacers offer the best possible balance between flexibility and hardness and are used in the automotive industry to achieve high quality, long-lasting finishes.

Covestro offers a wide range of raw materials for the formulation of polyurethane primer surfacers:

  • Waterborne polyurethane dispersions with reduced solvent content
  • Hydrophilized and non-hydrophilized blocked polyisocyanates
  • Polyester polyols
  • Solventborne polyesters for melamine crosslinking systems
  • Self-crosslinking dispersions (Bayhytherm®)

Primer surfacers formulated using our polyurethane raw materials help cars avoid a chip off the old block.

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