Automotive OEM Metal Self-Healing Coating

Repairs on the go

Self-healing coatings with PU technology self-repair minor scratches

While automotive coatings are designed to resist scratches, they can still happen. Now, with self-healing coating technology based on polyurethane raw materials from Covestro, minor scratches heal automatically by simply parking the car in the sun.

self-healing coating
Self-healing coatings repair minor scratches in the sun

Polyurethane (PU) raw materials feature the perfect balance of hardness and flexibility that is needed for proper flow, adhesion and chemical, weather and stone chip resistance in automotive coatings.

The chemistry includes hard and soft segments, making it possible for coatings formulated with PU to self-heal or self-repair minor scratches.

When crosslinked in an applied coating, PU’s flexible and fixed segments can “remember” the polymer structure after it’s affected. When a scratch occurs, the polymer’s flexible portions physically move to different positions, while the fixed segments remain in place. This builds tension. When heat is applied, the flexible portions move, returning to their original locations. Simply put, the scratch disappears.

Covestro has optimized this capability in its high solids solvent-based and waterborne one- (1K) and two- (2K) component polyurethane products for the automotive industry.

In addition, Covestro can tailor the properties of its polyurethane raw materials for self-healing paints by varying the chemical structures of the soft and hard segments.

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