Automotive OEM Metal Sound Deadening

Thinner not weaker

PU for automotive sound insulation coatings – effective, light weight

When we go for a drive, we want to be able to listen to the sound system or have a conversation without worrying about background noises caused by vibrating metal auto door panels, headliners or other noises. Sound deadening polyurethane coatings help reduce unwanted car noise.

sound deadening coatings
Automotive sound insulation with polyurethane-based light weight coatings

Vibrating metal can turn a nice drive into a noisy headache. Heavy barite mats have been traditionally used in cars and trucks to reduce the noise from vibrating metal automotive body parts.

Today, polyurethane (PU) automotive sound insulation coating technology offers many advantages over heavy barite mats. Advantages of sound deadening paint based on PU include:





  • Thin coats that reduce weight, ultimately improving fuel efficiency
  • Application on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Chemical, corrosion and stone chipping resistance
  • Smoother, more even surface

Covestro offers 100 percent solids Desmodur® isocyanate and Desmophen® polyol raw materials for the formulation of two-component vibration-insulating polyurethane sound deadening coatings. Automotive sound insulation coatings formulated with our raw materials cure rapidly at low temperatures, which can reduce energy consumption, create more efficient production processes and lead to cost savings.

In addition, Desmodur® isocyanates and Desmophen® polyols can be used to formulate OEM sound absorbing paints without solvents or plasticizers. 

PU ingredients for automotive sound insulation coatings are an excellent way to reduce unwanted vibrations, so you can enjoy the road – wherever it leads.

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