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Long-lasting, rugged polyurethane truck bed liner paints

No matter the make or size of the truck, owners expect the bed liner to look good and hold up even under harsh conditions. Thick, sprayable polyurethane coatings applied at the factory or by a truck bed liner company help keep trucks looking great and ready for the next project.

Keeping a truck bed squeaky clean is almost impossible.

Yet, advances in sprayable polyurethane (PU) raw materials are bringing new levels of durability to truck bed liner paint.

Sprayable PU coatings are based on specialty designed polyurethane technology that cures very rapidly. As a result, multiple layers can be applied in quick succession to achieve coating thicknesses of up to several inches.

Thick film sprayable PU coatings are ideal as truck bed liner paints for several reasons:

  • High resistance to scratching, chipping, abrasion, dents, gauging and tearing
  • Weather, chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Flexibility that avoids cracking over uneven ground
  • Smooth or textured finishes for slip resistance
  • Vibration absorption protects cargo
  • 100 percent solids formulations without solvents

Sprayable truck bed liners must be applied by trained, professional applicators at the factory, dealership or specialized aftermarket shops.

Covestro offers a range of PU raw materials for the formulation of tough, thick film sprayable polyurethane truck bed liner paints and works closely with coating manufacturers to develop products that offer a range of properties.

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