Automotive OEM Plastic Basecoat

A noticeable effect

Polyurethane automotive plastic basecoats set the right tone

At quick glance, can you tell the difference between the plastic and metal parts of your car? In many cases, automotive plastic basecoats formulated with polyurethanes (PU) are the reason you likely can’t.

automotive plastic basecoat
Metallic finish provided by a plastic basecoat

Paint systems on automotive plastic parts typically consist of multiple layers to create a long-lasting, high-performance finish.

OEM plastic basecoats are applied on top of the primer and contain the pigments and effect materials that provide the color and metallic, sparkle, pearlescent and other special finishes that are preferred today.

Automotive basecoat formulations must also meet stringent regulatory requirements for lower volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Low odor is also important, particularly for interior automotive basecoats.

PUs are typically used in combination with polyacrylates in automotive plastic basecoats to achieve the necessary interactions with the pigments and the plastic parts that ensure a high-performance and long-lasting finish.

Specifically, polyurethanes improve the brilliance, adhesion, flow characteristics, elasticity and stone chip resistance of automotive basecoats.

Covestro offers a broad range of Bayhydrol® water-based polyurethane dispersions for the formulation of low-VOC, low-odor OEM basecoats intended for use on most types of exterior and interior automotive plastics.

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