Automotive OEM Plastic Clearcoat

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Polyurethanes are the standard for automotive plastic clearcoats

We want our cars and trucks to look like new for as long as we own them. We also expect all of the parts to have the same appearance. Polyurethane (PU) OEM clearcoats are recognized as the industry standard because they provide both excellent protection and a beautiful finish.

automotive plastic clearcoat
PU-resin-based plastic clearcoats for the Automotive industry

The final coating layer on automotive plastic parts is the clearcoat. This coating must protect the part and any lower coating layers (primer, base coat) while providing a glossy (or matte) finish that lasts for a vehicle’s lifetime.

PUs are recognized as the ideal raw materials for OEM plastic clearcoats because they provide protection against:




  • Weather
  • UV radiation
  • Chemicals (including cleaners, bird excrement, cosmetics and sunscreen lotion)
  • Scratches
  • Stone chipping

Additionally, PUs have the right optical properties for automotive clearcoats, providing a highly transparent finish.

Furthermore, with their tunable hard and soft segments, the properties of polyurethanes can be adjusted to provide the desired level of gloss or matting and flexibility or stiffness required for different plastic materials.
Many plastics cannot withstand high temperatures, and PU  is currently the only coating technology that cures at low temperatures and provides necessary resistance properties.

Covestro has a wide range of polyurethane raw materials for the formulation of one- (1K) and two- (2K) component solventborne  (Desmodur®, Desmophen®) and waterborne (Desmodur®, Bayhydur®, Bayhydrol®)  OEM plastic clearcoats. UV-curable waterborne polyurethane dispersions (Bayhydrol® UV) are also available for applications where immediate curing, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and high quality automotive clearcoats are required.

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