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High-performance DirectCoatings for textured plastic

With plastic parts gaining even more prominence in our vehicles inside and out, automakers are looking for a simplified, time-efficient and cost-effective process for producing them.

direct plastic coating
Direct Coating/Direct Skinning technology based on Desmodur® and Desmophen®

DirectCoating/DirectSkinning (DCDS) technology from Covestro combines thermoplastic injection molding with reaction-injection molding (RIM) in a single step, delivering a thermoplastic part with a customized high-performance polyurethane (PU) surface.

Our pioneering DCDS technology simplifies the manufacture of an automotive plastic coating for interior or exterior applications, such as exterior hard-coated B-Pillars or interior hard- or soft-touch trim. This is achieved by combining an injection-molded resin substrate (Bayblend® PC+ABS resin or Makroblend® PC+PET; PC+PBT blend) with a polyurethane coating in a single machine.

While it is the substrate materials that make the components lightweight and robust, the decorative look and pleasant feel come from the coating.  Coating systems without solvents based on raw materials from our Desmodur® and Desmophen® lines are characterized by excellent resistance to weathering, chemicals and scratching.

When compared with a conventional coating process, DCDS technology utilizing our thermoplastics and coatings also results in:

  • Simplified production chain
  • Reduced working inventories
  • Elimination of coating overspray
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