Automotive OEM Plastic Primer

Smoothing the way

Polyurethanes make ideal plastic coating primers

If you’ve purchased a new car recently, you probably noticed that plastics are prominently featured both inside and out. Plastics are ideal for vehicles because they are light weight and durable. Plastic must be protected, and polyurethane (PU) adhesion primers are its first layer of defense.

automotive plastic primer
Plastic coating primers with polyurethane building blocks

Plastics often have ridges, dents or mold marks generated during part formation, and many can be sensitive to higher temperatures and/or harsh solvents. Some plastics are stiff, while others are flexible. Getting coatings to stick to plastic parts can be challenging.

The chemistry of PUs, however, makes them a versatile and the excellent solution for plastic coating primers. PU resins for plastic coating primers help:



  • Improve adhesion of subsequent layers to most types of plastics
  • Smooth surface irregularities and contribute to the color effect of plastic coatings
  • Form a protective barrier between the substrate and solvents and chemicals

Additionally, PU resins for automotive plastic primers:

  • Cure at lower temperatures
  • Provide weather, UV, scratch and stone chip resistance
  • Eliminate "fogging" associated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plasticizers
  • Can be applied and repaired with relative ease
  • Are compatible with many pigment types
  • Combine soft and hard segments that can be adjusted to match the flexibility/stiffness of different plastics

Covestro has a range of polyols and polyisocyanates for the formulation of two-component (2K) solventborne (Desmodur®, Desmophen®) and waterborne (Desmodur®, Bayhydur®, Bayhydrol®) high-performance plastic coating primers for exterior and interior automotive plastic parts.

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