Automotive OEM Plastic Soft Touch Coatings

Pleasant to the touch

Polyurethane soft-touch coatings bring soft feel to car interiors

How a car interior “feels” creates a subtle, but powerful emotional connection. From the console, door handle and door trim, to the arm rest and glove box covers, the way a surface feels to the touch – a sensation called “haptics” – lends a feeling of quality to vehicle interiors.

soft-touch coatings
Warmer car interior surfaces with soft-touch coatings

Automakers have long known that it is not just technology or appearance that determines how well a vehicle is received. Consumers also want to drive a vehicle that feels as good as it looks and performs.

That’s why automakers use soft-touch coatings based on polyurethane (PU) raw materials to create a warmer, more pleasant, even silky-feel surface inside a car. Covestro offers PU raw materials for solventborne and waterborne soft-touch coatings. Desmodur® and Desmophen® resins, including Desmophen® C, are used to create solventborne soft-touch coatings, while Desmodur®, Bahydur® and Bayhydrol® (U, UH and A grade) dispersions are utilized in waterborne soft-touch coatings formulations.

Our PU resins for waterborne soft-touch coatings satisfy even the most stringent OEM requirements for resistance to moisture, yellowing and chemicals. Soft-touch coatings based on waterborne PU also have very low volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

Additionally, such surfaces are very resistant to abrasion and scratching. PU soft-touch interior automotive coatings have low-gloss levels and thus low reflectivity and are available in a number of colors and effects.

PU-based haptic coatings add a high-quality touch to interior plastic surfaces, creating a soft feel that drivers and passengers won’t forget.

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