Automotive Refinish Coatings

Like new again

Revitalize cars with PU-based automotive refinish coatings

Accidents happen. When they happen to your car, you may need a touch up to your paint job or a complete overhaul. With polyurethane (PU) resins for automotive refinish coatings and a professional application, your car will look like new again.

automotive refinish coatings
Coatings for automotive refinishing

Coatings for automotive refinishing should have the same mechanical and optical qualities as factory-applied coatings. That’s why technical engineers, coating manufacturers and car body shops put their trust in PU resin-based car refinish paints.

In contrast to automotive OEM coatings, which are baked, most refinish coatings are ambient cured or force-dried (at 60o Celsius or lower). Refinish coatings are constantly evolving to match OEM coatings developments. Covestro provides a wide range of solventborne and waterborne systems that achieve the processing standards needed for refinish coatings as well as the high-quality performance to match factory-applied coatings.

Our PU coating raw materials, especially our Desmodur® polyisocyanate crosslinkers, for high-solid, fast-drying and low-VOC refinish coatings feature excellent weather, corrosion and mechanical resistance that help give an OEM-quality refinish to repair and revitalize a car’s paint job. In fact, with PU resin-based refinish coatings, a car can look as good as the day it drove off the factory floor.

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