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PU-based waterborne car refinish coatings achieve factory-like finish

Waterborne car refinishes use PU resins from Covestro to create eye-catching color and effects.

waterborne car refinish coating
Waterborne car refinish with eye-catching color and effects

The dazzling look of a car’s finish the day it’s driven off the factory floor begins with the basecoat. In the refinish market, basecoats increasingly use polyurethane- (PU) based waterborne coating systems to achieve a factory-like finish many miles later.

Water-based car refinish coatings use PU binders that feature good pigment wetting, good wet color matching, fixation of the bronze and excellent color retention. PU resins also promote elasticity of the coatings system allowing for greater stone chip resistance.

Waterborne two-component (2K) systems are also used for clearcoats. Mixing quality, temperature and ambient moisture are crucial factors to achieve the ideal coating, i.e. a bubble-free dry film thickness. We also offer waterborne polyols and polyisocyanates that can be used in formulations for hydro-clearcoats that fulfill the highest standards for clearcoats.

Additionally, waterborne car refinish coatings help reduce the solvent content of coating formulations, while fulfilling the requirements of the Decopaint Directive 2004/42/EC, a regulation that limits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint.

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