Transportation and ACE – Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Exceptional resistance to weather and scratch damage with low VOCs

Anti-graffiti coatings systems offer cleaning ease, superb durability

Everyone has seen a train roll past with graphics defacing its freight or passenger railcars. The mission to prevent the adhesion of graffiti – or allow easy removal without a residual trace – has spurred the coatings industry to offer a solution.

OEM anti-graffiti coatings
Easy-to-clean, durable anti-graffiti coatings for trains

Polyurethane (PU) resins for coatings can be formulated to be resistant to graffiti, making them ideal for high-end interior or exterior application on industrial goods, trains, commercial vehicles and aircraft.

Covestro has developed industry-leading water-based polyols and polyisocyanate hardeners for water-based, two-component (2K) PU coating systems that prevent color pigments and dyestuffs from entering into the coatings layers.

At the same time, their durability withstands repeated removal procedures without damage over an extended period of time. Bayhydrol®Bayhydur® and Desmodur® dispersions enable the formulation of coatings systems with low volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Coatings utilizing waterborne, 2K PU coating technology have proven to be miles ahead of other waterborne systems with respect to chemical resistance, even outperforming solventborne reference coatings in some tests. Polyacrylate dispersions named Bayhydrol® A also impart coatings with exceptional resistance to aggressive liquids like hydraulic fluids or detergents.

Bayhydrol® A types are  well-suited for clearcoats and primers and surfacers for the coating of metals. They are used to easily formulate coatings that meet requirements of regional VOC legislation. Coatings based on this waterborne binders offer excellent scratch and UV resistance, allowing them to withstand the weatherability requirements of transportation vehicles for years – significantly extending maintenance cycles.

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