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More than just a protective coat

Heavy duty equipment coatings retain strength, resilience, aesthetics

Material requirements in the agricultural, construction and earthmoving (ACE) equipment marketplace have evolved significantly in recent years, becoming more exacting as customers look for enhanced quality, performance and durability while reducing environmental impact.

ACE vehicle coating
Heavy duty equipment coatings

Large commercial vehicles of all types take a beating. High-speed railway trains are susceptible to severe stone damage, while trucks, buses and ACE heavy duty equipment repeatedly experience extremely harsh environments. These vehicles require high-performance coatings that provide excellent adhesion, hardness, flexibility, chip resistance and superior corrosion protection.

Covestro delivers a proven solution by providing resins and hardeners used in primers, topcoats and clearcoats for large heavy duty vehicles, mass transit cars, railway transport and ACE equipment.

Commercial vehicle OEM coatings are typically two-layer systems. But, depending on the application, it’s possible to use an additional filler or putty. In some applications there’s a growing trend toward single-layer-coatings (direct-to-metal or DTM), primarily because of time considerations. These coatings, based on polyurethane (PU), combine the corrosion-protection properties of a classic primer with the surface properties of a classic topcoat.

Our polyurethane coating raw materials – Desmodur® polyisocyanates and Desmophen® polyether polyols for solventborne polyurethanes, and Bayhydur® polyisocyanates and Bayhydrol® (A and U) dispersions product ranges – fulfill key industrial requirements, including outstanding physical and chemical resistance, excellent UV-resistance, good elasticity, fast drying at room temperature and elevated temperatures, and – by virtue of being water-based – high compliance with volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations.

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