Polyurethane matrix with inherent UV stability

Desmocomp® - Reliable protection for fiber-reinforced plastics in external applications

Covestro is currently developing new products and cost-optimized procedures to protect fiber-reinforced plastics against diverse environmental influences and improve their weatherability.


We experience the damage that can be caused by the sun and other weather effects in many ways, including on our own skin. Also on objects around us, we often notice changes in color and the effects of corrosion e.g. rust or brittleness. The right protection is indispensable when it comes to preventing all these negative consequences.

For fiber-reinforced plastics that are mainly used in exterior application areas, Covestro has developed a new matrix material with excellent, inherent UV stability and weatherability.

Desmocomp® can be used in established, reliable manufacturing procedures such as pultrusion, and the simple processing method allows the production of high-performance materials.

Desmocomp® is also characterized by the following properties:

  • speedy fast processing
  • a long pot life
  • rapid hardening curing
  • anti-graffiti properties
  • good fire resistance

So Desmocomp® opens the way to new cost-optimized applications for fiber-reinforced plastics.

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