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Extending service life with polyurethane construction coatings

Protecting industrial, commercial or residential buildings, sport facilities, bridges, stadiums, museums and storage tanks is critical to reduce repair and replacement costs. Maintaining an excellent appearance is important for company reputations and community pride. For durable protection and a long-lasting attractive appearance, polyurethane (PU) construction coatings are the top choice.

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Many different types of structures require protection from the elements, pollutants, heavy foot traffic, cleaners and more. The level of protection – and decorative performance – needed varies as much as the types of structures that require protection.

That is why polyurethanes make ideal construction coatings. With their unmatched versatility, polyurethanes adhere to a wide range of substrates. The extensive selection of building blocks also makes it possible to customize the properties of PU coatings to meet the needs of different applications. These range from industrial and decorative concrete floor coatings, to interior and exterior wall paints, to waterproofing membranes for containment, parking structures and roofing.

Covestro offers polyurethane raw materials for the formulation of all types of extremely durable, attractive construction coatings with the following properties:

  • High physical performance
  • Long-lasting color and gloss retention
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Fast cure 
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Easy graffiti removal

In addition, polyurethane industrial coatings and concrete floor coatings come in nonsolvent, solventborne and waterborne one- (1K) and two-component (2K) formulations, providing more choice to architects and specifiers.

Moisture-cured and polyaspartic coatings are available for projects with short completion times and high-performance expectations.

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Brochure: The state of the art in raw materials for the building & construction


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