Indoor Sports Floors

Winning performance

Polyurethanes provide elasticity and durability for sports floors

Athletes need to know that the sports floors they play on won’t be slippery and will provide the bounce they need. With their perfect combination of elasticity, skid resistance and durability, polyurethane sports floor coatings are the best choice for keeping athletes at the top of their game.

sports floor coating
Indoor sports floor coatings

The sports floors in indoor sports arenas must have the right combination of properties to support the players in terms of both their mobility and safety. They must also look great, lasting for many years.

High-quality sports floor coatings provide good point elasticity, surface elasticity, rebound properties and skid resistance. They are also very durable, with excellent optical characteristics. To achieve these properties, compatibility with commonly used coloring materials and additives that impart slip resistance is a must.


Consequently, polyurethanes are widely used as raw materials for coatings for all types of indoor sports floors, including school sports floors and sports floors found in professional arenas.

Covestro has extensive expertise in the development of polyurethane raw materials for many flooring systems, including indoor floor coatings for sporting applications.

Sports floor coatings formulated with our Desmodur®, Bayhydur® and Mondur® polyisocyanates, as well as our Desmophen® and Bayhydrol® polyols, often surpass the requirements of international quality standards for indoor athletic floors. They are also recognized for their outstanding performance. Covestro and indoor sports floors: It’s a winning combination.

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