Parking Decks

Parking protection

Waterproof coatings protect parking decks from weather and wear

With three-quarters of the world’s population living in cities by 2050, the appropriate design and construction of housing and transportation structures will be important. Multi-story parking decks will be important for minimizing traffic and parking issues. Consequently, their protection will be equally important.

Parking decks
Durable PU-based coatings for parking decks

Fortunately, durable polyurethane (PU) waterproof coating technology from Covestro is already available and used to protect parking decks from extreme weather and wear.

The steel-reinforced concrete commonly used to construct car park decks requires special protection from water exposure.
Because concrete often cracks as the parking deck structure expands and contracts with temperature changes, it is particularly important to use crack-bridging coatings that provide a cohesive barrier against water penetration.

One (1K) and two-component (2K) elastic polyurethane waterproofing coatings, including polyaspartic coatings, are designed to provide the high level of protection needed for parking decks, even at low temperatures.

Single and multilayer PU coatings based on our Desmodur® and Bayhydur® polyisocyanates and Desmophen® and Bayhydrol® polyols are easy to use and meet the toughest requirements for waterproof parking deck coatings:

  • Flexible even at low temperatures (-20°C) for excellent crack bridging
  • Cure at low temperatures (< 5°C)
  • Resistant to abrasion, mechanical impacts, and hot tire pick-up
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to de-icing salts, oils and brake fluids
  • Can be modified to provide slip resistance
  • Can be formulated as colored top coats
  • Long pot life
  • Can be applied using common techniques
  • Low volatile orga
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