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Clean, low maintenance cost, long service life

Waterborne polyurethane coatings for interior walls increase longevity and reduce costs

Hospital and school surroundings must be welcoming and comfortable. Indoor wall coatings play a key role in creating the right atmosphere. Of course, these high-traffic facilities also must be able to withstand years of repeated, extensive use. Polyurethane-based wall paints offer high durability and excellent appearance.

The interior wall coatings used in lobbies, school corridors, lecture halls, restrooms, concession areas, pharmaceutical manufacturing and food-processing plants must not only withstand frequent cleaning but also retain their attractive low-sheen appearance for many years.

These interior wall paints need to be durable and easy to maintain/repair. They also must be easy to apply, resist staining and scuffing, quick to dry and have low odor so that painting causes minimal disruptions. Long-term cost is also a consideration. 

Waterborne polyurethane technology from Covestro has been specifically designed to meet these needs. The high-performance raw materials provide polyurethane (PU) wall paints with cost-saving durability combined with:

  • Low odor
  • A low-gloss finish
  • High chemical and scrub resistance
  • Stain and scuff resistance
  • Reduced out-of-service time
  • Reduced labor costs due to less of a need for repainting and maintenance

In fact, indoor wall coatings formulated with our waterborne polyurethane technology look better much longer than conventional latex paint and are four times less expensive than tile. Yet, they still meet owner’s durability and appearance requirements.

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