Chlorinated Rubber for Corrosion-resistant Marine Coatings

Corrosion protection suitable for antifouling

Chlorinated rubber for corrosion-resistant marine coatings

In the marine environment, sometimes corrosion protection isn’t enough. We’ve all seen the bacteria, mold and fungi that can grow on damp surfaces. Chlorinated rubber coatings are an ideal solution, because they provide heavy-duty corrosion protection and are suitable for antifouling coatings.

chlorinated rubber coatings
Antifouling coatings based on chlorinated rubber

Pergut® powdered chlorinated polymers from Covestro are produced from polyisoprene and polybutadiene in varying molecular weights that yield chlorinated rubber (CR) coatings with different viscosities.

Corrosion-resistant marine coatings based on Pergut® chlorinated polymers are fast-drying coatings with good metal adhesion (steel, iron, zinc) and can be used for antifouling coatings to prevent resistance to bacteria, mold and fungi.



In addition, chlorinated rubber coatings have other properties that make them attractive as corrosion protection coatings for  the marine industry:

  • Easy processing and application (one-component systems)
  • High resistance to water, chemicals and salts
  • Resistant to weather and other environmental influences
  • Wide compatibility with many solvents, resins, pigments, fillers and additives
  • Can be used in primers, intermediate coats and topcoats
  • Excellent repaintabiltiy, even after many years
  • Long-term storage stability

We have years of experience working with chlorinated rubber products for the formulation of corrosion-resistant coatings.

Furthermore, our proprietary manufacturing process guarantees an extremely low carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) content of less than 0.005 percent by weight (< 50 ppm) in our Pergut® chlorinated rubber products, which are also in compliance with global regulatory requirements.

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