Polyaspartics for marine Coatings

High productivity, high film build and high performance

Polyaspartics for highly efficient marine coatings

Time is money. For ship owners, an asset sitting in dry-dock is not generating revenue. Faster turn-around puts that vessel back into service quicker. Polyaspartic urethanes offer a unique combination of fast dry and corrosion protection, making them ideal for improving turn-around time in dry-dock.

Polyaspartic marine coatings
Polyaspartic coatings for superior water resistance

Polyaspartic raw materials from Covestro are designed for two-component (2K) topcoat systems consisting of polyaspartic esters and aliphatic polyisocyanates. They react together rapidly to form polyaspartics  and are applied at high film thicknesses.

High film builds (150-300 microns) allow for fewer coating layers. Because the coating process is more efficient, productivity is increased, translating into lower overall painting costs and faster return-to-service.


The increased productivity and cost savings are not the only benefits of polyaspartics. They also offer:

  • Superior weather, UV and chemical resistance
  • Long-term color and gloss retention
  • High film builds without blistering
  • Fast cure with good working pot life for easy application and rapid return to service
  • Low-temperature cure for extended painting seasons
  • Spray, brush or roller application in the factory, shop, or onsite
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) content

For heavy duty protection in high-to-very-high corrosion risk environments (ISO 12944 C4-C5), a two-coat system (zinc primer/polyaspartic) can replace a traditional three-coat system (zinc rich primer/epoxy/polyurethane).

For light-to-medium-duty protection in low-to-medium corrosion risk environments (C2-C3 ), a direct-to-metal polyaspartic can replace a conventional two-coat system. 

We offer Desmodur® N polyisocyanates and Desmophen® NH polyaspartic esters for the formulation of high-performance polyaspartic coatings.

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