Durable Protection with Polyurethane Pipe Coatings

Versatile with high performance

Durable pipe protection with polyurethane pipe coatings

Pipelines are often not visible, but they are critically important. They transport oil, gas and water, to name just a few, over long distances. Making sure these pipes stay in good condition despite harsh environments requires high-performance coating solutions. Polyurethanes (PU) are the choice.

pipe coatings
PU pipe coatings withstand harsh weather conditions

Pipes must withstand exposure from the environments in which they are installed. This can include salt water, wet soil, wind, sand and other harsh weather conditions. Pipe coatings can be applied onsite under difficult conditions.

Additionally, cathodic protection used as an added corrosion protection measure on most pipelines can lead to cathodic disbondment with certain coating systems. PU-based pipe coatings are ideally suited in this respect.



With their unique combination of mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties, two-component (2K) PU coatings from Covestro provide protection of new pipes and pipe maintenance with:

  • Direct application to substrates in one layer up to 2 mm-thick using plural component equipment
  • Rapid curing, even at low temperatures
  • High impact resistance, flexibility
  • Resistance to ongoing stresses
  • Resistance to cathodic disbonding even at elevated temperatures

Two-component solventfree polyurethane pipe coating technology that uses Desmodur® and Desmophen® raw materials provides excellent corrosion protection under harsh conditions, including high service temperatures, high salt loads, wet soil conditions, etc., and are preferred for onsite (coatings for repair work, new pipes and filed joints) as well as factory applications.

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