Polyurethanes for Protective Coatings

Protecting valuable assets from corrosion

Polyurethane coatings for corrosion protection in harsh conditions

Metal structures must be protected against corrosion. Oil/gas/chemical storage tanks; bridges, airports and commercial buildings; power plants; waterlines; industrial facilities; and rail cars all rely on corrosion protection coatings to keep them operating safely.

Protective Coatings
Corrosion protection for various structural assets

Covestro’s raw materials are designed to provide durable protection for valuable assets.  These resins include polyurethanes (PUs), polyaspartic and moisture cure polyurethanes for corrosion protection coatings.

Because PUs are comprised of hard and soft segments, it is possible to design PU coating systems with a range of properties.

PU coatings provide protection for old and new structural assets exposed to different types of weather and chemicals. The curing mechanism is selected for optimal corrosion protection under a range of application conditions.

With our expertise in polyurethanes we have developed innovative raw materials for the formulation of many types of coatings suitable for the protection of valuable metal assets that require light to medium (ISO 12944 C1-C3) or heavy duty (ISO 12944 C4-C5) corrosion protection, including:

  • Polyurethanes
  • Polyaspartic
  • Moisture cure polyurethanes
  • Waterborne polyurethanes
  • Chlorinated rubber

These coatings are easy to apply, offer good adhesion to metal surfaces and provide excellent weather resistance. They maintain their color and gloss for many years.

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