Heavy-duty Corrosion Protection with Moisture Cure Polyurethanes

Ease of application and long-term protection

High-performance 1K moisture-curing PU for corrosion protection

For construction and maintenance personnel, meeting project deadlines is made even more challenging by changing weather conditions. Fortunately, moisture-curing urethanes (MCU) can be applied even at low temperatures and high humidity. They also provide excellent corrosion protection.

moisture cure coatings
Easy coating application – even in changing weather conditions

For construction and maintenance projects, anticorrosion coatings must be easy to apply under all types of conditions. They must also dry rapidly, be easy to use and provide a durable, attractive finish.

Maintenance applications rely on one-component (1K) MCU from Covestro as the solution. Protective MCU systems are 1K, solvent-based polyurethanes (PU) that cure by reacting with ambient moisture. They penetrate into pores and tight crevices, forming a highly crosslinked PU/polyurea film on marginally prepared surfaces.


Desmodur® E isocyanate-terminated prepolymers  are readily formulated into 1K MCU coatings.
Their beneficial characteristics include:

  • Minimal surface preparation with good adhesion to steel, rust and aged coatings
  • One-component for ease of application with conventional means: spray, brush, or roll
  • Quick-drying for rapid recoating or return-to-service
  • Wide application window
  • Excellent chemical and weather resistance
  • Variety of isocyanate terminated prepolymer allows for an all 1K system (primer, intermediate and topcoat)


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