Corrosion Protection with Solvent-based Polyurethane Technology

Excellent balance of performance and cost

Corrosion protection with proven polyurethane technology

There are high expectations for the coatings used to protect high-value assets like bridges, airport terminals, sports stadiums and high-rise buildings. Solventborne polyurethane (PU) coatings have been used for decades because they offer a unique combination of easy application, proven anticorrosion protection and cost effectiveness.

solventborne protective coatings
Proven corrosion protection with PU coatings

As an established expert in PU technology, Covestro offers a range of raw materials from Desmodur® polyisocyanates to Desmophen® polyester polyols  for the preparation of high-performance, two-component (2K) solvent-based protection coatings, including primers, intermediate layers and topcoats. 

Two-component solventborne polyurethanes are ideal for the formulation of all of the coating layers that make up a solvent-based corrosion protection system. Their curing, application, and performance properties are tunable to meet the needs of a given application by carefully selecting the right polyol/polyisocyanate chemistry. Their properties include:

  • Excellent UV, weather, and chemical resistance for long-term, durable corrosion protection
  • Optimal cost-to-performance ratio
  • Wide selection of raw materials allows for broad spectrum of hardness/flexibility combinations
  • Low temperature cure for extend painting seasons
  • Most weather conditions do not affect their application and performance properties
  • Extended recoat and repair window
  • Superior impact and abrasion

With this set of performance and application properties, 2K solventborne polyurethanes are ideal coating solutions for corrosion protection under C1 to C5-M (according  to ISO 12944) conditions.

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