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Film formers and sensory additive for innovative & high-performance cosmetic formulations

Our polymers are the ideal foundation for your groundbreaking sun care, skin care, hair care and color cosmetics product lines.


They are environmentally friendly, contain no preservatives and are particularly easy to process. In their water-based or alcohol-based form they perform as a perfect film forming polymer with outstanding properties. The polyurea powder as a sensory additive offers unique advantages in cosmetic formulations.





Color Cosmetics
Color Cosmetics with Baycusan®
Flawless Make-up with Baycusan® more »
Hair Care
Hair Care with Baycusan®
Beautiful Hair with Baycusan® more »
Sun Care 
Sun Care with Baycusan®
Advanced Sun Care with Baycusan® more »
Skin Care
Perfect Skin with Baycusan®Skin Care with Baycusan®
Perfect Skin with Baycusan® more »


 Baycusan  SkinCare  SunCare  HairCare ColorCosmetics
 C 1000
 ✔  ✔✔    ✔✔
 C 1001
 ✔    ✔✔  
 C 1003  ✔      ✔
 C 1004
   ✔    ✔✔
 C 1008
 C 1010
     ✔✔  ✔
 C 2000
   ✔✔  ✔  
 C 1005
 ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
✔✔ especially suitable /  ✔ suitable
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