Skin Care

Skin Care with Baycusan®

Our skin is like a delicate pearl. Let’s treasure its beauty with gentle passion.

Our Baycusan® products bring excellent skin cleansing, conditioning and treatment properties – for perfect skin every day.


Their key features include:

  • Protects the skin against air pollutants
  • Easy & gentle peel off with no skin irritation
  • Facilitates longer-lasting retention of actives on the surface of the skin
  • Enhances efficacy of active ingredients
  • Good rub-off resistance
  • Good skin feel thanks to highly flexible and breathable on skin-film
  • Comfortable wear

  • Formulations  info 
     Mud Peel-Off Mask  
     Black Peel-Off Mask  
     Smoothing Peel-Off Mask  


    Recommended raw materials

    Trade Name Baycusan C 1000* Baycusan C 1001* Baycusan C 1004*
    INCI Name Polyurethane-34 Polyurethane-34 Polyurethane-35
    Chemical Descriptions Aqueous polyurethane dispersion (40% polymer, 60% water) Aqueous polyurethane dispersion (32% polymer, 68% water) Aqueous polyurethane dispersion (41% polymer, 59% water)
    Ingredient Category Film-forming Film-forming Film-forming
    Application Area Face care products
    Body care products
    Hand/Foot care products
    Face Mask  

    ✔ suitable

    * also commercially available with 1,5% antimicrobial additive under Baycusan® C1000/1, Baycusan® C1001/1 and Baycusan® C 1004/1 names 

    Discover our new skin care formulations enabled by Baycusan®
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