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Baybond® for carbon fiber sizing

Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, or composites, are utilized in various industries where end products must be strong, yet light weight. Sizing – a process of drawing out individual carbon fibers, coating them and combining them into a single fiber, protects against abrasion and breakage and provides the composite with product-specific characteristics.

carbon fiber sizing

Sizing essentially consists of a polymer (binder), an adhesion promoter, lubricant agents, antistatics and other additives, while water serves as the dispersion medium. Polyether and polyester polyurethane dispersions based on aliphatic diisocyanates are often used to formulate polyurethane carbon fiber sizings.

Baybond® products from Covestro are waterborne polyurethane dispersions specifically developed to be binders for carbon fiber sizings destined for the reinforcement of plastics. Typical applications include aerospace, sports and leisure, transportation and other markets.

Baybond® polyurethane resins feature high shear resistance, good temperature resistance and good compatibility with commercially available additives. Carbon fiber sizings based on Baybond® polyurethane resins exhibit outstanding film-forming properties, very good adhesion, and stable color – even at high thermal exposure.

In additional carbon fiber sizing, Covestro offers Baybond® grades formulated specifically for glass fiber sizing.

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