Can Coating

Can-do coating raw materials

Raw materials for can coating improve resistance, adhesion, flexibility

Metal packaging is used in various forms for receiving, transporting and storing food and other products. Can coatings are used for several applications worldwide, providing protection and decorative aesthetics.

can coatings
Exterior and interior can coatings

Covestro offers a diverse range of raw materials for interior can coatings, basecoats and clearcoats.

Interior food can coatings create an impenetrable barrier between the metal substrate and the product contained by the can.

Can coatings require adhesion, elasticity, hardness and resistance to metal shaping processes. Preservation properties like resistance to acidic foodstuffs and additives, and non-toxicity and tastelessness are also required.

With our Desmodur® BL 2078/2, an isocyanate crosslinker with U.S. Food and Drug Administration Food Contact Notification, we offer a solution for polyester-based coatings as alternative system for interior food cans. Food contact statements for our raw materials for can coatings can be provided upon request.

Basecoats are pigmented systems used for exterior can coatings. In addition to general coating properties, they must also exhibit superior hiding power, optimal leveling, good gloss, stackability, resistance to yellowing and perfect printability, even with UV-curing printing inks.

Clearcoats provide optical finish to exterior coatings, and are expected to protect complex printed designs from damage while yielding a brilliant appearance with strong promotional effect.

Inside and out, our raw materials in formulations for metal packaging lead to improved resistance, metal adhesion, flexibility and printability.

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