Glass Coating

Decorative and more durable

Polyurethane coatings: Enhancing the value of glass

Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and designs, glass is used in many products from containers for beverages and household/ consumer products to flat glass for glazing in buildings and cars. Glass coatings help protect and beautify the glass we rely on every day.

glass coatings
Colorful protection with PU glass coatings

Raw materials from Covestro are used to formulate various types of polyurethane (PU) systems for glass coatings, including the most common one-component (1K) waterborne systems. Polyurethane systems based on our Bayhydur®  and Bayhydrol® raw materials offer decorative finishing along with a functional coating that offers improved scratch resistance, shatter resistance, chemical resistance and dishwasher compatibility.

Coating glass is a convenient and cost-efficient alternative to the traditional method of coloring molten glass. In addition to significantly increasing the variety of available colors and surface textures, the process itself is streamlined and allows for easier recycling, with no need to sort differently colored glass.

Coloring glass with PU-based coatings opens the door to other benefits, such as the opportunity to add special properties that enhance value, including protection from mechanical and chemical stress, increased scratch resistance and shatter protection.

Polyurethane raw materials also make it possible to formulate effect coatings like metallic, pearl, frosted or other special effects. Additionally, formulation of soft-feel coatings with an exceptional surface haptic is possible if highly flexible systems are used.

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