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Polyurethanes for high-performance industrial metal coatings

Rust is not only unsightly, it is also an indication that metal furniture, appliances or lawn equipment is in need of attention and possibly replacement. Fortunately, polyurethane industrial metal coatings with a wide range of properties are available for excellent protection against physical and chemical agents.

Industrial metal coatings
PU-based coatings for metal protection

Industrial metal substrates range in size from small to large and include many different types of metals, such as aluminum, steel and zinc. They can be found in agriculture and construction vehicles and equipment, appliances, lawnmowers, handheld power tools and gardening implements.

Regardless of the application, metal must be protected from corrosion and damage due to chipping and abrasion – while maintaining a good appearance. With a wide range of raw materials to choose from, polyurethane (PU) liquid metal coating resins from Covestro are ideal for the formulation of industrial metal coatings.

Our raw materials are used to formulate metal coatings tailored to meet the needs of each application. Customizable coating properties include film performance, process efficiency and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.

We have extensive expertise in PU technology for the protection of industrial metal substrates. Our PU raw materials for the formulation of solventborne, waterborne or powder industrial metal coatings include:

  • Industrial metal primers
  • Industrial metal topcoats
  • Direct-to-metal coatings

Covestro also offers powder coating raw materials  for metal applications.

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