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Reliable protection

Polyurethane stoving coating systems for industrial metal protection

We expect ovens and refrigerators to work reliably and look good for many years. Polyurethane stoving coatings have the high chemical and impact resistance needed to protect them.

industrial stoving system
Impact resistant polyurethane stoving coatings

Some industrial metal components require added protection against chemical attack and physical damage. The added protection needs to be achieved efficiently and economically using environmentally friendly materials and processes – and with a high-quality appearance.

Manufacturers often turn to polyurethane (PU) stoving coating systems from Covestro to meet these needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of stoving system resins and crosslinkers for the formulation of solventborne and waterborne industrial stoving coating systems.

PU-based industrial stoving coatings are formulated with blocked polyisocyanates that form a strong crosslinked network when baked in the final paint.

That network gives PU stoving systems enhanced properties compared to conventional coatings, including greater:

  • Adhesion to metals
  • Balance between hardness and flexibility
  • Resistance to chemicals and sterilization conditions
  • Weatherability

Metal stoving systems are generally preferred for coating industrial metal components that require extremely good shaping properties and post-formability (i.e. suitability for deep drawing).

Improved green strength is offered for industrial stoving systems that are easily applied by spraying. The blocking groups are removed by heating. Once cooled, the coated parts can be handled immediately.

Our stoving systems are also available for can and coil coating applications.

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