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Polyurethanes for high quality, long-lasting industrial topcoats

From construction and farm machinery to appliances and handheld power tools, high-quality industrial products need to withstand extended use and look good for many years. That means industrial metal topcoats must provide protection against weather, sunlight, scratching/chipping and cleaners/chemicals. To do this, many manufacturers rely on polyurethane topcoat technology.

industrial metal topcoat
Long-lasting industrial topcoats for metal substrates

Covestro offers a range of one- (1K) and two-(2K) component polyurethane building blocks for pigmented, clear and special effect multilayer and direct-to-metal topcoats. Direct-to-metal coatings offer manufacturers the possibility to boost their efficiency and save costs in the coating process.

With their versatility, polyurethanes (PU) are suitable for use in a full range of industrial metal topcoats, including:



  • Pigmented and clear coats for multilayer systems
  • Direct-to-metal coatings for single layers
  • Structural and effect coatings for unique texture and appearance effects

Topcoats must be hard and flexible with excellent mechanical, chemical and weather resistance properties. They also require outstanding optical, gloss and flow characteristics.

PUs can achieve all of these things and:

  • Are easy and efficient to apply
  • Dry rapidly
  • Quickly achieve strength for assembly and packaging
  • Have good early water resistance
  • Are easy to clean

Air-drying, forced and baked PU coating systems can be used as shape and size dictate. Waterborne, high solids solvent-based and powder coatings offer high-performance with reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content.

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