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Smooth protection

Polyurethane primers: A solid base for plastic coatings

When manufacturers need a plastic primer to create a solid base for additional coatings, they choose high-performance polyurethane (PU) systems.

industrial plastic primer
Plastic primers protect and smoothen the substrate

For plastic products of all shapes and sizes, the primer coat is the first layer of defense and so much more.

A plastic primer helps to smooth surface irregularities, such as ridges, dents or molding marks caused during the production process. A plastic primer coating also provides an initial dash of color. It serves as the base for additional layers.

Plastic coatings that utilize polyurethane dispersions from Covestro offer excellent adhesion properties. They also form a protective barrier between the substrate and potentially aggressive solvents in the basecoats or topcoats.

Additionally, as manufacturers reduce solvent emissions, they seek coating formulations that balance high performance with more environmentally friendly materials. Waterborne PU systems offer low or no solvent content.  

Waterborne PU systems for plastic coatings have steadily increased in importance, because they do not contain aggressive substances that could affect the plastic substrate. They also provide:

  • Low viscosity at high molecular weights
  • Many options for one component (1K) applications
  • Low temperature drying

These characteristics help make waterborne polyurethane systems an excellent, cost-efficient solution for coating plastic products.

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