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Setting the standard

Polyurethanes make exceptional plastic topcoats/clearcoats

Most people don’t go anywhere without their smart phones these days. That means the plastic casings take a beating. Fortunately, polyurethane (PU) topcoats/clearcoats designed for the protection of plastics keep them – and all sorts of plastic housings – looking great, no matter what.

industrial plastic topcoat
Long-lasting finish with PU topcoats/clearcoats for plastic appliances

Industrial plastic topcoats/clearcoats must protect the plastic and any lower coating layers (primer, basecoat). They must also provide an excellent finish that lasts for the entire lifetime of the product.

Plastic topcoats and clearcoats based on PU are able to provide a high level of protection for industrial plastic components because they offer resistance to:




  • Weather
  • UV radiation
  • Chemicals (cleaners, cosmetics, suntan lotion, etc.)
  • Dirt
  • Scratches

In addition, the flexibility/stiffness of polyurethane coatings can be adjusted to match those of different plastics used in industrial products, which means they can withstand mechanical stresses.

Polyurethane topcoats/clearcoats are also preferred for their outstanding appearance properties:

  • High gloss or matte finishes
  • Compatible with special fillers, pigments and matting agents (topcoats)
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Tunable chemistry for unique soft touch/special feel characteristics

As an added benefit, polyurethanes cure at low temperatures, saving energy and reducing costs.

Covestro offers a wide range of PU raw materials for the formulation of environmentally friendly one- (1K) and two- (2K) component solventborne and waterborne industrial plastic topcoats and clearcoats.

UV-curable waterborne polyurethane dispersions are also available for applications where immediate curing, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and high-quality industrial clearcoats are required.

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