Polyurethane Wood Coatings

Preserving nature’s best

Polyurethane accentuates and protects wood’s natural beauty

An oak bookshelf that provides a nostalgic, refined look. A cedar deck board that is chosen for its durable properties and natural feel. An interior wood floor that evokes a welcoming, warm feeling. With its many functional and decorative uses, wood is an abundant, comforting and natural part of our daily lives.

wood coatings
Durability & natural look for wood substrates

Preserving and protecting wood is vital to retain its natural beauty. Polyurethane- (PU) based chemistry building blocks from Covestro are used in wood coatings to create high-performance finishes that preserve and enhance natural wood. PU-based wood coatings strengthen the properties of wood-based substrates – providing color and protection.

PU-based wood coatings offer numerous high-performance properties such as:


  • Long-lasting surface finish
  • Superior chemical, solvent and scratch resistance
  • Resistance to UV light damage, general wear-and-tear, and extreme temperature variations 
  • Fast drying
  • Excellent sanding
  • Multi-coat, rubbed, or buffed finish applications

PU-based building blocks can be used in clear or pigmented coating formulations. In pigmented coatings, PU’s good pigment wetting properties yield high-gloss, high-bodied films with excellent flow properties.

Polyurethane coatings for wood applications are available for one-component (1K) or two-component (2K) solventborne or waterborne systems.

Waterborne polyurethane systems deliver coating formulations with excellent properties while reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) compared with solventborne polyurethane systems.

We understand the different requirements presented by wood cabinets, furniture, joinery and parquet flooring and work closely with equipment providers, formulators and applicators to provide high-performance waterborne and solventborne PU materials customized to their needs.

Polyurethane wood coatings provide a flexible, functional and aesthetic solution to preserve and protect wood’s natural beauty today … and tomorrow.

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Wood Coatings
Brochure: High-performance raw materials for wood coatings


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