Polyurethane Technologies for High-performance Furniture Coating

Preserving the beauty of your wood furniture

Polyurethane technologies for high-performance wood furniture coatings

The furniture in our homes and offices is more than a valuable asset. It reflects our personalities, interests and perspectives. When we invest in a piece of wood furniture or cabinetry, we expect it to retain the same high-quality appearance throughout its lifetime. Polyurethane wood coatings make that possible.

wood furniture coatings
PU-based wood furniture coatings for good appearance and damage resistance

Wood cabinets and furniture should be lightfast, durable and resist damage from changes in temperature; exposure to foods, liquids and cleaning agents; dirt build-up and scratches.

Polyurethane- (PU) based coatings feature characteristics sought by the wood furniture industry:






  • Quick drying, sanding and stackability
  • Excellent lightfastness
  • Chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Superior tannin blocking
  • Excellent wood enhancement
  • Compatible with many wood types, application techniques and finishes

Desmodur® polyisocyanates and Desmophen® polyols provide fast-drying finishes with quick sandability and long-term durability, while enabling efficient production processes. These Ssolventborne building blocks are available for one-component (1K) and two-component (2K ) coating processing. 

Bayhydrol® acrylic or polyurethane dispersions along with Bayhydur® hydrophylic polyisocyanates are high-performance building blocks providing 1K, or 2K or UV curing waterborne coating solutions with excellent film properties and very low emissions. Waterborne solutions meet strict quality standards while reducing energy consumption and overspray – helping to improve production and cost efficiency. 

Our experts understand the different requirements of wood cabinets and furniture. We work closely with equipment providers, formulators and applicators to provide a portfolio of high-performance waterborne and solventborne PU chemical building blocks designed to meet their needs.

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