Factory Wood Floor Coatings Shine with Polyurethane Technologies

Performance, productivity and sustainability with polyurethane wood floor coatings

Industrial wood floor coatings shine with polyurethane technologies

Wood flooring often sets the tone of a room and frequently is the first feature to catch the eye. Polyurethane wood floor coatings used to protect prefinished hardwood flooring ensure that the warmth and beauty of parquet floors remain long after the floor is installed.

Industrial wood coatings
Industrial wood coatings protect furniture and parquet floors

Wood floor coatings must meet high expectations. In the factory, industrial parquet coatings need be easy to handle, allow for rapid production processes and dry rapidly for fast stackability.

Flooring customers want low odor, high transparency and long-lasting protection against scratches and chemicals.
With water-basedUV-curable polyurethane (PU) dispersions  from Covestro, formulators of industrial wood floor coatings can meet these expectations.

The UV curing process consumes less energy, and the coatings are cured instantaneously, enabling increased line speeds. In addition, the PU dispersions contain very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

Water-based UV-curable Bayhydrol® UV PU  dispersions and emulsions enable the formulation of clear industrial primers/topcoats with a combination of elasticity and hardness. Industrial parquet coatings containing our UV-curable water-based PU resins show excellent adhesion, good grain wetting for an attractive appearance, and superior chemical, scratch, abrasion and mar resistance.

We also offer solvent-based solutions for wood flooring. Desmophen® polyols and Desmodur® polyisocyanates are ideal for the formulation of fast-drying, highly transparent, glossy two-component (2K) solvent-based industrial polyurethane parquet coatings that do not yellow or fade and have excellent chemical and wear resistance, even for prefinished hardwood flooring that sees intensive use.

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