Polyurethane Wood Coatings Are Ideal for Onsite Application

Onsite solutions for wood floor refinishing and exterior joinery

Polyurethane wood coatings are ideal for onsite application

When it comes to refinishing wood floors and exterior wood joinery, it is important to use coatings that are easy to apply, dry quickly, have low odor and provide a high-quality look and long-lasting protection. Polyurethane parquet coatings are the ideal solution for onsite application.

onsite parquet coating
Wood floor refinishes for onsite application

Coatings used for wood floor refinishing and onsite protection of outdoor joinery must be easy for applicators to use and provide protection against heavy traffic and changing weather conditions.

Site-applied hardwood coatings for interior flooring must also have low odor and low emissions to fulfill indoor air quality requirements and still provide durable, high-quality finishes.

Covestro offers water-based Bayhydrol® polyol dispersions and  Bayhydur® polyisocyanates for the formulation of two-component (2K) tough but flexible parquet coatings that are ideally suited for onsite application. They provide good clarity, superior chemical and abrasion resistance, and excellent grain wetting that highlights the natural beauty of the wood – all with very low emission levels.

One-component, (1K) water-based Bayhydrol® UH polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are also ideal onsite parquet coatings. They also be used for 2K systems in combination with Bayhydur® when higher performance is necessary.

Site-applied UV coatings formulated with water-based Bayhydrol UV resins are cured with walk-behind ultraviolet lamps. They offer immediate return-to-service and excellent finished properties.

Covestro also offers 1K and 2K solvent-based Desmophen® and Desmodur® polyurethane raw materials that are ideal for the formulation of fast-drying, highly transparent, glossy 2K polyurethane coatings for wood floor refinishing.

For exterior wood joinery, waterborne Bayhydrol® UH PUDs impart the necessary mechanical and weather resistance to pigmented hardwood coatings.

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