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Increasing demands in the cosmetics market

“Baycusan® C makes many innovations possible“

Enabling Beauty

Growing and changing market requirements are forcing the cosmetics industry to develop better products. How Baycusan® polyurethane dispersions enable manufacturers to cope with these challenges is explained in an interview with the Head of Cosmetics Dr. Paula Rodrigues.

What are the main challenges today in the market for cosmetic products?
There are different challenges in each market segment. However, one thing applies for all of them: More than ever, the products require a special feature. Our customers are looking for solutions to specific product challenges.

How does Covestro address this market requirement?
We develop innovative solutions to meet these specific needs. With Baycusan® we succeeded in an excellent way, because the polyurethane film formers and powders enable the beauty industry to develop many new products for different applications. They are now used as multifunctional materials in cosmetic formulations for hair care, skin care, sun care and decorative cosmetics.

Can you name any examples?
Baycusan® C 2000 enables the production of fully transparent sun protection solutions with a high protection factor and a very pleasant skin feel even on wet skin. Baycusan® C 1008 satisfies the need of many women for hair care with anti-frizz effect, which gives the hairstyle a strong hold and at the same time looks completely natural. In addition, this polymer protects hair from extreme heat, for example when using straightening irons, up to 270 degrees Celsius. Baycusan® C 1004, in turn, enables permanently water-resistant skin foundation formulations as well as new mascara formulations, which thicken and lengthen eye lashes, are waterproof and do not smudge.

What are the advantages of Baycusan® for manufacturers?
Obviously Baycusan enables the development of innovative and improved cosmetic products that meet current customer demands. But Baycusan® can do even more: For example, only small amounts of Baycusan® C 2000 or Baycusan® C 1000 are needed to significantly increase the sun protection factor in a sunscreen formulation with the same amount of UV filters – this is the so-called SPF-boosting effect. Since UV filters are expensive, the material costs for the manufacturers will therefore decline, or the products can be sold at a higher price with an increased SPF.

Does Baycusan® also have a positive effect on the sustainability balance?
Yes, the raw materials do completely without co-solvent agents or preservatives – Baycusan® dispersions consist only of polymers and water, which is why they are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, all raw materials, dispersions, solutions and powders can be easily incorporated in the product: Contrary to other film formers, manufacturers do not have to neutralize the product, so they can be worked into the product at low temperatures, thus saving time, energy and costs.

Which cosmetics companies currently take advantage of your products?
We have gained the trust of many customers around the world. After 7 years, you will today find our raw materials in more than 200 cosmetic products. As all cosmetic products have to declare the respective ingredients using the INCI (international nomenclature for cosmetics ingredients) name, you will also find the Baycusan INCI names in them. For example Polyurethane-35, the INCI name for Baycusan® C 1004 can be found in many products in the field of decorative cosmetics, including products from L'Oréal, Chanel and Revlon. Our latest development Baycusan® C 2000, with the INCI name Polyurethane-64, can already be found in sunscreen products by Rossmann and promotional merchandise at Aldi Süd.

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