Against the sun

Covestro develops reliable UV protection for plastic composites

Against the sun

Numerous possibilities for outdoor applications

With their combination of high strength and low weight, composites can be put to diverse uses in a variety of applications and industries, where they can even replace conventional materials such as metal and wood. At the K 2016 plastics trade fair, Covestro will be unveiling innovative and sustainable solutions based on fiber-reinforced polyurethanes and polycarbonates. To fully exploit the advantages of composites, the fibers must be combined with the best-possible matrix material. Polyurethanes are steadily gaining ground in this segment thanks to their outstanding properties.

At K 2016, Covestro is introducing a new polyurethane matrix for composites with very good UV, weathering and chemical resistance. Named Desmocomp®, it is formulated from aliphatic isocyanates and ideally suited to outdoor applications. It eliminates the need for any additional surface protection, such as coatings, UV absorbers, and UV-stable mats or films.

Advantageous properties
The new matrix material can be processed extremely cost-efficiently, thanks above all to its long pot life and rapid curing. Like other polyurethane materials, Desmocomp® also displays high reactivity, variable viscosity and outstanding bonding strength. It wets a composite’s glass fibers very effectively, lending it high and lasting strength. The anti-graffiti properties and good flame retardance of the composites round out the profile.

All of these advantages together open up promising opportunities for the use of Desmocomp® in a variety of outdoor applications. One current example is parts for lightweight commercial vehicles. Covestro’s development partner, Sortimo International GmbH, is presenting composite parts made with the new matrix material at the IAA commercial vehicle show from September 22 to 29 in Hanover, Germany.

The parts are side elements in Sortimo’s new system unit, which display high stability, durability and a weatherproof design, and therefore are the ideal option for storage in pick-ups and flat-bed trucks.

Visit us at the K 2016 plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf, Hall 6, Stand A 75, from October 19 to 26, 2016. Find more information at http://www.k2016.covestro.com/.

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