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Flexible polyurethane building blocks

Acclaim® high-performance polyether polyols create elastic 2K coatings

Polyols are important building blocks for polyurethanes and valuable ingredients in many other products. With its expertise in polyurethane (PU) technology, Covestro has developed a deep understanding of polyol chemistry. Acclaim® polyether polyols are the result of extensive research and development efforts.

Acclaim® polyols are high-performance, low-monool polyethers prepared with Covestro’s proprietary IMPACT® technology. The terminal end-groups are predominantly secondary hydroxyls and have a relatively low reactivity.

These polyols are acidified with a low level of phosphoric acid, making them suitable for use in isocyanate-terminated prepolymers. 

Acclaim® polyols are used in the formulation of polyurethane and other applications, including:

  • Cast elastomers
  • Sealants
  • Epoxy flexibilizers
  • Defoamers
  • Lubricants
  • Crude oil de-emulsifiers
  • Reaction injection molding (RIM)
  • Plasticizers

Acclaim® polyols can be reacted with our Desmodur® crosslinkers for the formulation of solventborne elastic two-component PU coatings and adhesives with high strength and resistance. They have typical applications in the furniture, construction and automotive industries.

The properties of polyurethanes formulated with Acclaim® polyether polyols may be maximized by adjusting the cross-linking level or changing the hard-segment content. Acclaim® polyether polyols can provide:

  • Extremely low monool levels
  • Low unsaturation
  • Low water content
  • BHT free
  • Low basicity and acidity

Acclaim® polyether polyols can also improve the overall properties of prepolymers.

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