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Polyether polyols for nonsolvent polyurethanes

Arcol® polyols for elastic polyurethane adhesives and coatings

Polyurethanes (PU) have a unique range of properties because they are prepared from raw materials with very different properties – polyols and isocyanates. Arcol® polyether polyols are the result of extensive research and development efforts at Covestro.

To prepare polyurethanes, polyols are reacted with isocyanates. Because they are a key component, the choice of polyol can impact the properties of a polyurethane resin.

We have used our extensive expertise in polyurethane technology to investigate different types of polyol structures and their impact on PU performance.

Arcol® polyether polyols have been developed for the formulation of polyurethanes that do not use solvents. They are suitable for a number of different applications, including adhesives and sealants, elastomeric coatings, and molded and flexible foams.

Polyether polyols have low viscosities combined with excellent resistance to hydrolysis and good mechanical stability. They are often used for concrete coatings.

Products in the Arcol® portfolio include diols, triols and polymeric polyols. The molecular weights of Arcol® polyether polyols range from below 300 to as high as 6,000.

Nonsolvent elastic coatings and adhesives can be formulated when Arcol® polyols are combined with Desmodur® isocyanate crosslinkers.

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