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Crelan® polyisocyanate crosslinkers for polyurethane powder coatings

In many industrial applications, powder coatings are preferred over liquid systems for several reasons. They feature no solvent emissions, recyclable overspray and cost efficiency. When excellent chemical, impact and weather resistance is needed, polyurethane (PU) powder coatings are often the choice.

Polyurethane powder coating formulations consist of solid hydroxyl-bearing solid polyesters and solid polyisocyanate crosslinkers. They are used for decorative metal objects and OEM equipment, including household appliances, bicycle frames, metal furniture, add-on automotive components, toys, sporting goods and even window frames.

Crelan® high-performance, solid polymeric isocyanate-based crosslinkers from Covestro have been specifically designed for the formulation of PU powder coatings that provide excellent film characteristics, including outstanding UV and chemical resistance, as well as excellent weatherability, flow and gloss.

In addition to being produced without solvents, our polyurethane powder coating technology:

  • Is highly resource efficient
  • Allows layer thicknesses of 40-150 µm in one coat
  • Is applied with fully automated equipment for greater quality control
  • Provides parts that can be handled immediately after cooling

Crelan® solid polyisocyanate hardeners also address key needs, including:

  • Lower curing temperatures
  • Lower crosslinker usage
  • Enhanced performance, including better flexibility improved smoothness and enhanced weatherability
  • More robust matte systems
  • Improved economics

The Crelan® product range includes caprolactam-blocked aliphatic diisocyanates and blocking-agent-free polyisocyanate hardeners based on uretdiones.

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