Innovative coating raw material solutions

World-class products from the global leader in polyurethane technology

Polyurethane coatings are only as good as the raw materials used to formulate them. That is why many coatings formulators turn to the globally recognized and proven products offered by Covestro.

We offer a comprehensive line of polyurethane raw materials for the production of high-performance, high-quality polyurethane coatings for automotive, construction, plastic, wood, corrosion protection, general industrial, and many other applications.

In addition, we provide coating manufacturers formulating freedom with our waterborne, solventborne, high-solids and UV-curing technologies.

Our wide range of polyisocyanate and polyol  technologies makes it possible to formulate polyurethane coatings with performance properties that can be specifically designed for each individual application.

We continue to invest in research and development, collaborating closely with our customers and their value chain, to improve existing products and develop new polyurethane building blocks that address current needs and anticipate future challenges.

Trade names
High-performance, low-monol Acclaim® polyether polyols from Covestro are combined with Desmodur® crosslinkers to formulate solventborne elastic 2K coatings. more »
Covestro offers polyurethane dispersions for glass fiber sizings with excellent film-forming properties, adhesion and colorfastness. more »
Bayhydur® polyisocyanate crosslinkers from Covestro increase chemical resistance and improve physical properties of waterborne polyurethane coatings. more »
Bayhytherm® self-crosslinking urethane resins from Covestro are used in waterborne, 1K primer surfacer and industrial baking systems. more »
Crelan® polyisocyanate crosslinkers provide polyurethane powder coatings with excellent film characteristics. more »
Desmocap® urethane prepolymers are effective flexibilizers for epoxies, flexible sealants and coatings formulations. more »
Desmodur® polyisocyanates provide high-performance solventborne and high solids polyurethane coatings. more »
Desmophen®: world-renowned polyurethane polyol building blocks. more »
Isocyanate Crosslinker and additives to increase mechanical properties and chemical resistance of polyurethane based textile coatings. more »
Polyurethane Dispersions and solutions for water-vapor-permeable coatings of textiles with an extremely high comfort for garments and shoes. more »
Multranol® polyether polyols from Covestro are used in high-quality polyurethane foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. more »
Arcol® polyether polyols from Covestro are designed for nonsolvent polyurethane adhesives, sealants, elastic coatings and foams. more »

Baycusan® polymers are the ideal foundation for groundbreaking sun care, skin care, hair care and color cosmetics product lines.

more »
Bayhydrol® dispersions provide high-performance, low-VOC 1K and 2K polyurethane coatings. more »
Specially designed and controlled polyurethane raw materials for use in medical applications, focusing on advanced wound care. more »
Desavin® nonsolvent resin from Covestro is an effective, lightfast flexibilizer/plasticizer with resistance to acids and alkalis. more »
Desmocomp® - the new way to achieve UV-stable fiber reinforced plastics more »
Desmolac® non-functional polyurethane resins from Covestro are designed for the formulation of physically-drying, flexible plastic coatings. more »
Desmotherm® contains the polyol and blocking agent necessary for crosslinking. more »
Polyurethane Dispersions and High solids for high resistance synthetic materials and technical textile application. more »
Mondur® polyisocyanates from Covestro provide high-performance solventborne and high solids polyurethane coatings for many applications. more »
Pergut® fast-drying powdered chlorinated polymers are ideal for highly durable coatings, printing inks and adhesives. more »
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