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History in the making

Polyurethane products from Covestro enable technology advancements

Since polyurethane chemistry was first discovered by Otto Bayer in the late 1930s, advances in our understanding of this technology have led to significant achievements. In fact, polyurethane materials have enabled many emerging technologies during their history.

Why are polyurethanes from Covestro so important to so many applications? Their unique chemistry allows for endless possible combinations of building blocks – each with a tremendous range of possible properties. With such diversity in raw materials, polyurethanes are customizable to meet the specific and highly varied needs of many applications.

Polyurethanes directly affect our daily lives in numerous ways. They are used in medical devices, insulation for improved energy efficiency, corrosion protection and anti-fouling coatings that extend the life of valuable assets, membranes that prevent water damage in our homes, and much more.

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development. Our efforts are focused on the design of modern polyurethane raw materials with reduced solvent content. This investment in innovation has led to the development of high-performance, high-quality raw materials.

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Cleaner Production
Cleaner Production

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